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8 Steps to Sell Your Home FAST!

8 Steps to Sell Your Home FAST!

Selling your home can be intimidating and nerve wrecking…especially when you need to sell fast. Having been in the real state business and sold many, many homes over the years, there are some things that I’ve seen consistently help get homes sold quickly. Be sure to check these items off you list before you put your home on the market…here we go…

1) Smell Great

This may be a odd first point if a buyer can’t handle the smell they won’t be in your home very long. What may be something you are used to such as pet odor or cooking smell could be a complete turn off to a perspective buyer. Go for a neutral smell and ask someone who hasn’t been inside your home to come for a visit and let you know if something smells bad. Your friends and family may be so used to your home odors that wouldn’t even be aware enough to point it out to you!

2) Declutter

Too much stuff, even excessive decor is a distraction. Not only does it make your home look smaller, it distracts the buyer from looking at the room they are in. So pack up the stacks of papers, mail, magazines, etc..and hide them out of sight. Clear the counters in the kitchen and baths, leave shelves to a minimum.

If you are one of those people that likes of decorative pieces on the wall and shelves, take some time to reduce the quantity. This actually is a great time to donate items. Most people think of this when it’s time to move but before putting your home for sale is a great¬†time to do this. You benefit during the marketing and it’s one less thing to do at moving time. Again we are going for a relaxed, airy feel to your home. Do what you need to get that ambiance.

3) Personalize – NOT!

If any of this is visible it’s time to put it away. Remember, the buyer is trying to imagine themselves in your home. Looking at YOUR photos make them feel like a guest and perhaps even a bit uncomfortable.¬† Your goal is to put them at ease.

4) Make it spotless and keep it that way!

Along the same lines as decluttering is cleaning your home. Look at things that you normally wouldn’t such are baseboards or ceiling fans. Are they dusty? Bathrooms and kitchen are a must to be sparkling clean. Sometimes professional cleaning services are helpful but other times you may be more picky since obviously you have a motivating factor to cleaning – getting your home sold!

5) Curb appeal

Landscaping in the front will be the buyer’s first impression. It’s critical they feel good about it. No need to spend lots of money on this. Mowing, trimming, edging, clearing out any weeds from flower beds, perhaps planting some flowers near the entry if you are up for it is all it takes. Remember, much like cleaning the interior and getting it organized, you just want to give the buyer that impression that your home is cared for.

6) Let there be light!

Bring as much natural light into your home as you can. This means keeping the blinds or curtains open. If you need to remove or adjust some window or door coverings to do this go ahead and make the effort. It will be worth it. Sure the buyer could open blinds themselves but they almost definitely won’t do so. They should walk into each room with bright natural light.

7) Pet Free Zone Please

Don’t leave you furry friends at home during showings. This may seem obvious since we obviously want a great smelling home to start with. Also remember to keep all pet bowls, cages, etc… out of sight. Buyers with allergies will appreciate it and again it helps with the smell issue.

8) Fix up any repair needed

A fresh coat of interior paint is an amazing face lift to your home. Paint and patching up any obvious damage keeps the buyer from getting sidetracked and lets them focus on viewing the home.

Well there you have it! My top 8 tips to sell your home fast. Most of them don’t cost much but they do take some thinking and work. Remember that they effort you put in here will be well worth it later. You can never redo a first impression and a good first impression is so critical for a buyer. So check off these steps to make sure win the home selling game!


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