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4 Quick Healthy After School Snacks

4 Quick Healthy After School Snacks

It’s back to school season and of course in between all the excitement and changes of the new school year is the all important question: What to snack on after school? If you set up the kitchen for healthy but yummy choices the kids will naturally reach for them. Here are 4 fast, healthy after school snacks to tide the kids over till dinner time.

1) String Cheese

Simple, transportable and delicious. Organic string cheese is a great choice and especially for the toddler/preschool one, whose tastes haven’t evolved quite yet!

2) Banana Rounds With Almond Butter

This is fun snack make as well as eat. They’ll get healthy protein from the organic almond butter and sweetness of the banana. Simply cut a banana into bite sized circles, spread almond butter one round piece and top with the other like a sandwich. If you’re new to almond butter, don’t let the price of organic almond butter scare you off. It last a long time and is very versatile. Almond butter with celery is a great Keto snack for moms and dads following Keto.

3) Witch’s Broom

This is another fun snack for kids to make and eat especially with fall approaching and Halloween coming up..Take a cubed cheddar cheese and push a pretzel stick into it. Then wrap a part of a fruit roll up around the two to keep it together. Kids will love the sweet and salty combo of this one!

4) Sparkling Lemon Water

Finally if you have teenagers in the house then share this addictive drink with them. It’s quite refreshing and shows them a delicious alternative to sugary soda or caffeinated energy drinks. Take a bottle of mineral water – Topo Chico brand is my favorite (comes in a glass bottle) pour into a tall glass and add fresh lemon juice. Then add salt. What a treat! Let your teen taste this and let me know what they think!


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