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Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV has been long known as a general health tonic. However did you know that it can provide improvement to numerous ailments? First lets remember that we aren’t just talking about regular apple cider. The one that heals is known as Apple Cider Vinegar with “mother”.  “Mother” of the vinegar is the natural strands of protein which give its murky look. The brand I highly recommend is Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  You can find it at your local grocery store.

Let’s take a look at the amazing healing ability of this drink.

1) Stops the itching of mosquito bites

An unknown property of ACV is that it can minimize the itching and irritation of bites from mosquitos. Just dab some on a cotton ball or facial pad and press on the skin area with the bite. After a few moments you will feel the relief. This natural solution is great for your children. I always use it on my toddler to provide quick comfort if he gets a bite.

2) Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be difficult thing to control especially when you get older. Despite medication some people can’t lower their numbers to the normal range. This is where ACV may help. Take 2 tablespoons in the morning and watch your numbers improve. Always note that ACV should be diluted in water and preferably not touch your teeth. It may damage the enamel. I recommend drinking it with a straw and then topping off by drinking plain water as a final rinse of your mouth.

3) Weight Loss Help

ACV contains acetic acid and also is known to lower blood sugar. This mighty combination is an ideal weight loss promoter. Regularly drinking 2 tablespoons before your heaviest meal of the day will help you lose weight.

4) Allergy and Sinus Relief

If you don’t like taking medication for your allergies then try ACV. ACV is known to relieve the head pressure and stuffiness associated with allergies. Take 2 tablespoons with a glass of water daily or when feel allergies are affecting you.

As you can see these amazing properties make apple cider vinegar something you always keep in your kitchen. It’s all natural and cheap yet has so many wonderful benefits.

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