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Broke Girl’s Guide to Eating Organic

Broke Girl’s Guide to Eating Organic

Eating organic is gaining popularity but it can get expensive. If you’re a broke girl or just on a tight budget for your family know that you don’t have to stay away from organic food due to high cost.

With some effort and creativity you’ll find plenty of healthy organic options. However, there are few things to keep in mind.

Fruits and Vegetables

First, remember that you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. Buy organic where it really makes a difference.

The Environmental Working Group or EWG is a non-profit organization which conducts research and educates the public regarding what’s in your food among other things. The “Dirty Dozen” is a list produced by EWG annually. It includes the most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. They also include the “Clean Fifteen” which are the least likely to contain pesticide residue. On a tight budget aim to buy organic for produce on the “dirty dozen” first.

Organic Lentils


At only $1.99 for a one pound bag, organic lentils are wonderful and versatile meal staple. They are high in protein and can be a meal by themselves. Lentils also make a great soup or with less water a meat substitute on your dinner plate. One bag has about 13 servings, so you could make a serving of delicious lentil soup with spices from your kitchen for lunch at a cost of only 16 cents!

Organic Yogurt

Yogurt is healthy and tasty dairy product. Many yogurt types are labeled with “live and active cultures” which means they contain good for you probiotics. These are the good bacteria that fight off bad bugs and keep your digestive tract in good condition. At $2.99 for 32 ounces, this container provides 4 servings.

However the best part of buying this yogurt is that you can use it as a “starter” to make your own organic yogurt at home. Checkout this recipe to easily make homemade yogurt. This will save you more money and give you more yogurt to use for other recipes. Since plain yogurt is often an ingredient in many recipes.

Organic Popcorn

Popcorn is a great inexpensive snack that you can find for less than $4.50 for a 20 ounce bag of kernels. Organic snacks such as protein bars or organic version of the typical snack such as cheddar crackers or granola bars can be costly. However, making your own popcorn with organic coconut oil ($5.99 for a 16 ounce bottle) is healthy and cheap! One bag of kernels will last you a long time. Best of all you can add salsa for a spicy snack or sweeten it up if you are craving something for dessert. Like yogurt popcorn is quite versatile.

Organic Eggs

Eggs are another nutritious option. Flexible enough for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Organic can run two or three times the price of regular eggs. Usually the organic range from $3 to $5. However, this is one place where you should buy organic. Organic eggs come from hens that are not given antibiotics, never caged and must be given access to the fresh air.

Eggs are high in protein and are quite filling. A single egg omelet with vegetables makes a great breakfast or dinner. What a wonderful affordable organic meal!

Shop Your Grocer’s Organic Brand

Your local grocer may already be carrying their own private label organic line. This typically is much cheaper than the famous brand version.

Stores with organic lines include:

So remember to check out your grocery stores for their organic line for the best price.

Try these tips to help you stretch your dollar and still buy great organic food. Let me know how you like it!

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