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How I Make Over $10k a Month with A Side Hustle and 14 More Flexible Side Hustles

How I Make Over $10k a Month with A Side Hustle and 14 More Flexible Side Hustles

Is it possible to keep a full time job or be a full time student and still make a substantial living in your spare time? The answer to that question is a resounding, “YES!” I just did. It takes thoughtful organization and planning ahead but it can be done while still having a life!

Many people think of side hustle as a gig that makes enough to pay a bill or two. Perhaps making them a couple of hundred extra bucks. Sure you could do this with lawn service, dog walker, write code online, sell products on Amazon, resell on Ebay, delivery service, blog, drive people around, etc..

However some of these side hustles have much more potential than others. Some of these will soon disappears-think self driving cars. Others have the potential to make you very wealthy.

That’s why it’s important to select the right side hustle. A side hustle could be something where you are trading time for money. If you are a commodity, however, then there is always someone around who will do it for less.

If you’re interested in the long term, focus on making money with something that is scalable. You are not just a tutor; you have a tutoring service. You’re not just a lawn mower, you have a lawn service company. Once you change your thinking you will see yourself as building something long term rather than a one off exchange.

However sometimes you just need a little income boost to get you through the week. It’s tough to think long term when you just need to get bills paid. So both types of side hustles have their usefulness.

With those options in mind, let’s take a look at some side hustles:

1) Consultant

This is my favorite side hustle yet most people don’t even think they can be a consultant. I was previously in the real estate business and though I now work in the different industry old clients still call me. I take on the work if it’s lucrative and it’s a great side hustle since there is no learning curve.  In fact this helped me earn over 10k each of the last few months.

Think about the skills you’ve acquired over the years at past jobs or hobbies. Leverage your knowledge to something profitable. Check out this example in Forbes of a how a consulting gig developed.

2) Become A Proofreader

Proof reading is a portable side hustle. If you are always catching others typos or mistakes then this may be the side hustle for you. Start by researching this successful proof reader teaching others how to do the same.

3) Rent Out Your Car

Rent out your car for some extra cash. This is a car sharing service offered by Turo which provides $1,000,000 liability insurance and you set your own rates. Find out more from Turo. My friend recently raved about his experience with renting a car from Turo.

Another company is Getaround which also provides a car rental platform. Getaround takes care of insurance too.

4) Resell Domain Names

Domain names are the real estate of the Web. Certainly it’s much cheaper then buying actual land! If you don’t mind investing a little upfront, domain names reselling can be quite profitable. Automate the process by creating a landing page on your domain name which provides an offer form. Read about this successful domain name reseller.

5) Start a Blog

While this certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it can be very lucrative if you choose the right niche. Other prefer to blog about what they like regardless of profitability and make less. Consider what is right for you but remember this is a long term game. Stick with it and you will see success.

6) Teach English Online

Do you have a bachelor’s degree? Then you can teach English to kids overseas. It pays from $14-22 dollars per hour and you teach from home via an online platform. Look into it at VIPkid.

Another online English teaching site is SayABC. It pays up to $21 per 40 minutes. This company is more flexible regarding bachelor’s degree requirements.

7) Earn from Shopping Online

Swagbucks pays you to complete online surveys, watch videos, search the web, play games online, etc..

You can also earn cash by shopping online. So you will earn points for every dollar you spend online and can redeem those points for gift cards or cash through Paypal.

8) Become a Software Tester

If you like trying new software and finding bugs then software testing may be for you. An average user test pays about $23 at Testbirds.

Another site that does require a some testing experience is Crowdspirit.

9) Engagement and Customer Support

If you have back ground in customer service then there are companies that will pay you to work as an independent contractor for anywhere that there is an internet connection. These companies provide 24/7 support for organizations that need someone to chat with customers, social media engagement, moderate forums, etc..

Look into Modsquad and Needle if you’d like to sign up for this type of gig.

10) Sell Photos Online

If you enjoy taking pictures, have a decent quality camera and have an eye for the perfect shot then sign up with a company that will pay you for those photos.

Another option is to start a website to showcase your work also. However signing up with a stock photography site will provide you with massive exposure and you can earn revenue by just loading your photos. It is definitely passive income since your work stops after you load your photos.  Depositphotos is one stock photo site where you can sign up.

11) Online Surveys

Legit online survey sites can be a fast way to make some money. One popular site is Survey Junkie which has a easy sign up and you can start earning right away.

Another option is Springboard America which pays you for your honest opinion.

12) Dog Walker

If you are a dog lover then look into Rover as an option. The website gives you the tools to start your own dog care company. You can also sign up to offer your dog care services on days you are available. Set your own schedule and prices. Rover provides $1,000,000 service protection, their own app and 24/7 support.

13) Work for Appen

Appen is a company offer work from home jobs that are flexible, part-time, short term as well full time. Their work involves providing a better customer service experience for their clients by improving eCommerce sites, social media platforms, search engines and more. Appen has been rated one of the top 100 companies offering flexible jobs for several years in a row.

14) Amazon Flex

You are dropping off packages to Amazon when you work for Amazon Flex. With a flexible schedule and pay range that is between $18 to $25 per hour it’s something to checkout.

15) Door Dash

Food delivery is another flexible earning option. Door Dash provides food delivery for various restaurants. Once you sign up and are approved with them you will receive a fee for delivery and 100% of any tips for each order you accept.

So there you have 15 options to earn some side money. While Amazon Flex and Door Dash will eventually be replaced by some automated delivery service, they are options for some immediate cash. Blogging and consultancy are long term plays where the possibility for immediate cash flow is there but you could potentially be able to give up your day job if you are successful!



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