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Digitizing the Pipeline

Digitizing the Pipeline

Pipeline construction and digital technology typically aren’t words you’d think of together. Long established construction processes versus innovative technology. Well making a pipeline construction project a success now calls for digitization. Whether it is custom forms or daily progress reports, digital technology is here to stay in Pipeline construction.

Many Options

The most obvious way to go digital is remove the paper trail. Inspection form should be on a digital platform. Platform choices have an impact on further being able to slice and dice the data captured on forms. If you can’t retrieve, associate or manipulate the data then it was very little further value to you or your team.

Start with the End in Mind

Before jumping on to a software package for forms, think about the big picture.

  • Do you want to store this data on your company server?
  • Do you want to report on this data as it is being captured?
  • Do you want to use the form data to build custom report for Project Controls?
  • Do you want to create March charts?
  • Do you want to use the data to complete regulatory required documents?

These questions are just some of the key points you will need to think out before deciding on a platform. Next time we will look at additional critical features for a form completion platforms.

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